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You Make Life Fun Care Pkg. (Whole Lotta Love Size)

Sale price$198.00

You Make Life Fun Curated Care Package


Introducing the "You Make Life Fun" care package, the perfect gift to remind a High School or College Age student in your life just how special they are! This thoughtfully curated collection is filled with artisan-made goods that are sure to put a smile on their face any time of year.


"WHOLE LOTTA LOVE" size Care Package includes: 


  • "You Make Life Fun": Wouldn't this be such a fun card to receive?  Eco Friendly Greeting Card (Let us know your gift message and we'll write the card for you!)

  • New Day Print Set:  Set of 12 Inspirational Prints by the incredible Lisa Congdon Art & Illustration. Bold and Colorful, this Print Set is filled with positive affirmations and encouragement, created by Lisa in her signature style. 

  • Granola Butter:  Yum!  Gluten-Free, Vegan - is delicious spread is delicious on its own, with fruit or ice cream - you name it! 100% Nut Free and crafted from simple, wholesome ingredients. No refrigeration needed -- a perfect gift for the college student in your life! 

  • YES Bar x 3: Triple Yum! Includes 3 Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Organic and oh so delicious.  Flavors may include Chocolate Chip or Strawberry Coconut. Note: This product contains nuts -- please let us know if a nut-free subsitution is needed. 

  • Find Small Joys Sticker:  A wonderful reminder, durable and easy to stick on a notebook, water bottle, or bulletin board. Original Sticker by Lisa Congdon.

  • Squirl Jam: Sweet and Delicious, crafted from of-the-season fruit -- A true delicacy for anyone dreaming of a home cooked meal. 

  • Cotton Bandana: Add a cool touch to any decor or style as a cute wardrobe accessory! 

  • Notebook: Ready for notes,  love letters, and all the to-dos!

  • Positivity Patch: Inspiring patch design by Real Fun, Wow! Made in the USA

  • Yes You Can! Pennant:  An inspiring  addition to any decor. Made in the USA 

  • Orange Blossom Canvas Zip Pouch: Perfect for carrying anything from pencils to snacks, and more! 


Available in three sizes, ArtHouse & Co. Care Packages make it easy to show someone special in your life how much you care.  Each item in this curated care package has been carefully selected to make your loved ones feel cared for, encouraged, appreciated, and recognized for all that they are!


  • We'll wrap it up nice and cute in simple, stylish reusable packaging
  • Ships directly to the recipient . Prefer to hand deliver? We can also ship directly to you!


  • Substitutions of  comparable value and style will be made if certain items are not available.


You Make Life Fun Care Pkg. (Whole Lotta Love Size)
You Make Life Fun Care Pkg. (Whole Lotta Love Size) Sale price$198.00