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About Jen

wanderlust has led me here...

Wanderlust has led me here

When I was a kid, my parents gathered me and my brothers into our big red station wagon and drove. I looked out the car window, entertained by the world passing by.

Roadside attractions made the world seem a playland. Along Highway 99 I saw a juice stand in the shape of a giant orange. A larger than life cowboy waved to me in Las Vegas, and, at a very young age, a woman with flashing nipples clued me into the notion that San Francisco is a city of many pleasures.

Each city looked different than the next and the scenery was narrated by elegant, curiously scripted typography. Now, my car window provides a changed view. The worn typeface of an old motel sign appears out of place in a landscape of architectural redundancy. Past meets present everyday, and my camera allows me to better understand their interaction.

Many of my photographs are related to the road and travel, and a sense of impermanence. I feel compelled to photograph the American roadside and its worn, far off, and forgotten corners, and then work with color as a means of offering beauty and renewal.

From Palm Springs, to San Francisco, Paris, and brings me great joy to share my work with you.  To each of you who excitedly welcome my work into your home -- Thank You. 

(Jen) captures the beauty of neglected and ignored objects and American roadside relics in a way that makes you feel like hugging someone...

-Happy Art Collector

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-Happy Art Collector

yesterday, today & tomorrow

Jen is a Fine Art Photographer with a love for roadside relics and Mid-Century design and type. Prior to launching  the ArtHouse and Company gallery and shop, Jen was honored to be a West Elm Featured Artist, and her photographs have been exhibited in galleries throughout  California including SFMOMA Artist's Gallery, Wallspace LA and Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara. Her work has appeared in a variety of films, television shows and commercials, 1st Dibs, One Kings Lane, and can be found in private collections Internationally. 

​Aside from photography, Jen's Design work has been featured in Atomic Ranch, Apartment Therapy, and Traditional Home, among other publications. 

​Jen's love for photography began as a child, when her Grandfather, a Photographer, taught her the magic of F-stops and shutter speeds with his hand-me-down film cameras.  Together they'd explore Yosemite and other scenic spots, and return to his color darkroom to create and develop prints. From him, Jen learned how magnificently life appears when we slow down to see more.

 Jen graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in English Literature and, after 13+ years as a working Artist and Business Owner, launched ArtHouse And Company as a means of weaving her passions for art, design, and inspired interiors.